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I have been using Suga Balanz since last 2 months now. I am very pleased to share that my requirements for Insulin has come down significantly. Earlier I was taking Insulin injection of 102 units per day and now after taking Suga Balanz, I am taking 66 units of Insulin. I hope that gradually I shall be able to reduce it completely. I am feeling very light from inside and also have lost around 5 kgs of weight.

Dr. K.A. Kabir


The result of taking Suga Balanz for last 6 months is that it has restricted my high sugar levels completely. Moreover I do not feel fatigued and seem to have more energy from inside. To my satisfaction I can say Suga Balanz is eliminating the need of my diabetician. Since it has no side effect I would continue with this always.

Tanusri Das


I must share with you the outcome of my treatment with Suga Balanz. I started taking one tablet a day in the morning before break fast about fifteen days back. For the last three days my morning fasting sugar levels are at 110 consistently. These levels I have never been able to achieve in the last six months. I am very thankful for suggesting Suga Balanz to me. I have not been able to go for morning walks or yoga for the past fifteen days due to my travelling, so the results are really amazing. I think yoga and morning walks with Suga Balanz will make it even better.

Mr. S. Jayaraman


I am using Suga Balanza from last 2 months.This is a very effective supplement. My sugar level is now at a normal range .I have prescribed this supplement to many of my relatives.I thank the team of Suga Balanz .

Vimla Devi Chhajer


Suga balanz is excellent. After started taking it I am feeling like going on a holiday. Being a diabetic there was some inconvenience during urination before taking these capsules, however after taking Suga Balanz that problem had also vanished overnight

Arup Ratan Sit
Tamil Nadu


I find Suga Balanz very effective supplement in controlling Sugar levels. I am extremely happy and I have recommended Suga Balanz to many people with diabetes

Chandra Prakash Dugar
West Bengal


I have started taking Suga Balanz 3 months back when my random glucose use to be around 380..Suga Balanz helped me immediately and after 15 days I started observing my glucose coming back to normal range…Today after 3 month, I am only taking Suga Balanz and stopped other medications …My fasting glucose was 90 and PP was 123… I thank the expert US Doctor for making Suga Balanz for people

Mihir Ghosh


I have been suffering from an elevated Sugar level since last 18 years. About one and half years back I had an urine infection and since then my Sugar levels have been abnormally high. I was then taking 56 units insulin everyday, 32 units in the morning and 24 units in the evening. After I started taking Suga Balanz, my Sugar level became lower from the third day itself. So I immediately stopped my insulin injections. Since then I am regularly taking Suga Balanz & my Sugar levels are now under control

Mr. KK Singhania


Suga Balanz is a great natural supplement for diabetes, which I have been taking since last 90 days now, and I can call it as a miracle supplement for diabetes. My Sugar levels has gone to almost normal now from very high previously. I have reduced my regular diabetic medicines which were drug & not natural product. Suga Balanz is a very quality, effective & natural supplement and also have no side effects. I must recommend it to each diabetic patient and I have to say every diabetic patient should try this supplement. It will do wonders which I have seen in myself & in many others also.

Mr. Rajan Lohia


I recommend Suga Balnz to everyone! Managing my sugar level has become extremely effortless thanks to the consultancy team of Suga Balanz. I am thoroughly satisfied with high quality product and continuing with my course. The rich ingredients has no negative reaction, instead keeps my insulin in check . Gone are the days of time consuming and painstaking diabetes control process because Suga Balanz is an easy self management treatment.

Nidhi Menon

About Suga Balanz

Suga Balanz has following high quality ingredients very carefully formulated – Bitter Melon Extract, American Ginseng Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Colostrum Extract, Curcumin Extract, Fermented Black Bean Extract, OPC from Grape Seed Extract

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