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Why Suga Balanz

Diabetic type 2 can be easily diagnosed with the following criteria:

Elevation of two of the following three blood lab results:

  • Fasting blood insulin level.
  • Fasting blood glucose level.
  • HbA1c level

Generally, fasting blood insulin level is the first amount the three tests to be elevated followed by the fasting blood glucose level and if the glucose remains high for a prolonged period of time, the HbA1c will then be elevated. The fasting insulin level test is seldom used as one of the criteria in clinical setting. The last two i.e. fast blood glucose level and HbA1c are usually used as the diagnosing criteria for most cases of diabetes type 2.

Suga Balanz targets and decreases the insulin resistance (or increase insulin receptor sites? affinity to insulin) at the cellular level among many of its functions. It will first decrease the amount of insulin required to bind with the insulin receptor sites. This binding action allows the glucose to easily cross the cell wall membrane into the cell. The end result of this receptor sites? binding action with insulin is the decrease of the glucose within the blood stream. Negative feedback to the pancreas results in less insulin being secreted and less circulating insulin within the blood stream. Prolonged stabilization of the glucose level within the blood stream (i.e. less yo-yoing of glucose level) to a normal range will decrease the elevated HbA1c.

Therefore, using Suga Balanz to treat diabetes type 2 will affect the three tests described above. Most clinicians will use fasting glucose level and HbA1c as the gauge to see the effectiveness of the treatment.

Once the glucose level falls within the normal range from the treatment then HbA1c has to be monitored carefully. If the HbA1c is normalized for 2-3 measurements then the Suga Balanz treatment may be tapered down to the lowest level to maintain a normal glucose level within the blood stream.

Depending on the stage of the diabetic disease (i.e. pre-diabetic (metabolic syndrome), diet control diabetic, oral hypoglycemic control diabetic, insulin dependent diabetic and lastly brittle insulin dependent diabetic), Sutga Balanz therapy will impart different responses on the various stages of the diabetic disease process. One needs to monitor these patients closely to gauge the results.

Treatment parameters:

For metabolic syndrome or diet control diabetics:

Take Suga Balanz twice daily. Monitor the blood glucose and later HbA1c. Many will see their daily glucose levels drop to normal level and after several months, the decrease of HbA1c also back to normal level. One of the most common positive improvement in S/S related to the rapid escalation and then drop of glucose, is that the patients do not feel as hungry and that he/she seems to eat less and feels full faster thus decreasing the overall intake of food and mild reduction of weight.

  • Take 1 Suga Balanz capsule twice daily.
  • Monitor glucose and HbA1c level to gauge the effects of relaxin therapy

For insulin dependent diabetics:

Mild to moderately severe diabetic

Begin taking Suga Balanz twice daily and progress slowly to 3 time daily. Follow the insulin sliding scale to gauge the effect of the Suga Balanz therapy. If glucose level begins to drop, the sliding scale for the normal insulin will concomitantly decrease. However, when fasting glucose level drops below normal, the long acting insulin may also need to decrease. Therefore, insulin dependent diabetic patients on Suga Balanz therapy are actually easier to manage since the glucose levels are monitored several times daily and the HbA1cs are frequently checked. The result of the Suga Balanz therapy can be easily gauged. A few lucky patients whose islet cells still have the capacity to produce insulin may be able to go off insulin completely after a period of Suga Balanz therapy.

  • Take 1 Suga Balanz capsule twice daily and slowly progress to 3 capsules daily. May progress up to 2 capsules twice or three times daily,
    depending on the response.
  • Monitor daily glucose levels to reduce sliding scale insulin requirements and HbA1c levels to gauge the effects of relaxin therapy.
  • If fasting glucose or morning glucose level drops below normal then decrease the long acting insulin.

About Suga Balanz

Suga Balanz has following high quality ingredients very carefully formulated – Bitter Melon Extract, American Ginseng Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Colostrum Extract, Curcumin Extract, Fermented Black Bean Extract, OPC from Grape Seed Extract

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